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Who are We ?

The Cossack Owners Club (COC) is an independent and well established UK based motorcycle club financed entirely by its members. It represents owners and enthusiasts of motorcycles and sidecars made in the Soviet Union or the former Soviet states, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia & the others, wherever they are in the world


Our Motorcycles

These include all models of Ural, Dnieper/Dnepr, Ishevsk (Jupiter & Planeta), Voskhod, Minsk, Riga and their sidecars. These machines were and still are sold in the UK either under their original manufacturers name or under UK trade names including Cossack, Neval, Britaine or Regent and their UK model names including Soviet Knight, Phoenix and Classic


Based In The United Kingdom

Approximately 95% of our members are based in the UK, but we do warmly welcome International members. Our aim is to support the owners of the machines we love, so that they can be kept on the road forever - and for owners and others to enjoy them for what they are.


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