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Alan Mottram Award



In memory of a long-time member and committee member who did just about every club committee role at one time or the other. 


This award can be nominated by any club member, or if none forthcoming by your committee


The COC makes an award each year to the COC member who has done most for the COC outside of his or hers expected duty.

For activities beyond the call of duty could include for example: 
  • Establishing and maintaining working links with the Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian factories.


  • Locating and maintaining contact with all the clubs in the world supporting owners of 'our' bikes".


  • Writing an article for every club HV Magazine or Newsletter. 


  • Acting as a 'news-hound' within the motorcycling world and sending information to the editors every month for publication. 


  • Increasing the awareness of the motorcycling media to our great club and the great bikes. 


  • Organising rally events, such as runs out to interesting places or competitions. 

Contact Email Address

Please email all nominations to the club using the email address above.

Please head the email 'Alan Mottram Award'

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