Our library contains information on various models, their production years, specifications and some history.

All the files are in PDF format, If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader you can download it here >

History Files

A collection of Soviet models, adverts, newspaper cuttings  and articles 

750cc Side Valve

Model Developments Civilian/Military 750cc Side Valve M72 (Russian ‘Moto’ to K-750M)


IZH Models

1946 - 1951


Some technical advice that is in addition to that offered by the manufacturers, importers and the dealers. 


A selection of brochures adverts and brochures

Ural Models

Model Developments of civilian 500cc & 650cc Ural Motorcycles up to the 750cc IMZ 8-XXX Series

Road Tests

Newspaper clips of various tests on Soviet motorcycles


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