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COC Rallies 2022

The Club now has a program of Rallies and Events including the Stafford Bike Shows extending from April to October! 


Every event will give our members and other fellow Motorcycle enthusiasts an opportunity to:

  • Meet up with friends old and new;

  • Buy a replacement for that worn out tee shirt;

  • Chat about problems with your bike (and if your beloved machine runs like a Soviet sewing machine you can do a little gloating);

  • Buy or swap spares if any are taken and,

  • Just have fun!


Should you happen to win an award, these will be made from recycled scrap aluminium, mostly from old Soviet bikes and handmade by one of our members!

We intend that among the highlights of the year will be our East European Rally in August at Greetham!

We are looking forward to seeing lots of our friends from overseas. The two years of Pandemic has made travel difficult but we hope to see as many of you as possible. In this regard if you’re a COC member in the U.K. who can speak Ukrainian or any other European language please let me know so that we can have people on hand to help our guests. We are a club renowned for its friendliness and hospitality!


We are doing our best to make 2022 the year when we all get together and have fun!

See you there - Charles Hancock, Rally (Dis)Organiser

NOTE: Although Covid restrictions will no longer be neccessary, some venues my still require Covid vaccination passports so be prepared.

Ace Cafe 'London' Dates
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Rally's & Events

Any Updates will be on each event/rally
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Stafford Show - Done
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GlasLost - Done
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Spring Dent - Done
Next Rally
The Three Magpies
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South West Rally
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The Secretaries Rally
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East European /AGM Rally
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Baldrick at Home
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Autumn Dent