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26th June 2021

Annual General Meeting

Unfortunately Covid's grip on our nation has still not relaxed enough to allow a our public AGM meeting to take place in the manner we would wish it to be.

26th June 2021

The Stafford Show

At the time of writing, the year's first Stafford show is on July 3/4th with the expected Covid restrictions in place. We're not sure exactly what these are, you might be required to wear a mask in the hall and avoid physical contact like the plague. It seems as if Mortons are expecting the government's Road Map to be on course and not lifting the last regulations on June 21st might have been important. Sadly the latest Indian mutant is on the rampage and from here the show looks precarious.

However, It could now be placed In October on the 9th/10th

26th June 2021



The club is sad to announce the passing by one of it's close members. David Young. The club sends it's condolences to his wife Anna.


Sadly David passed a couple weeks ago. I will be selling his 1971 Dnepr and sidecar (plus replica machine gun). If anyone is interested please contact me on the email below.


This is a picture of myself and David on his beloved Dnepr. 

There is a picture of us in the June 9th copy of MCN. Sadly he passed on the 6th so didn’t get to see it 

He was an amazing guy with a wicked sense of humour and just taken away  far too early.

Anna Young

Please contact the club if you are interested in the bike on: