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The listing of a web site address below does not mean that the Cossack Owners Club necessarily agree with the accuracy of the content of that website or recommends the products (except Urals and other motorcycles from the former USSR of course!) that might be sold there. However we do strive to list those relevant web sites that would be of use and interest to our members, many of these sites will lead you onto many others also of interest.


Do not believe all that you read on some of these websites, particularly with regards to the myths and legends related to the relationship between the M72 and the BMW R71.


Whatever web site you visit on whatever subject, remember that the site you have found is putting files on your computer, whether you want them all or not! If the sites are reputable sites then there is no special problem. However if you are going onto some obscure foreign web site found by searching on e.g.: "Voskhods in Tibet" (no offence to Voskhod owners or Tibetans intended), originating in some remote country, then you may well pick up a virus for which there is not yet an anti-virus cure over here.


Advice - keep your anti-virus program up to date, run frequent scans for viruses, back-up your computer weekly or when-ever you have generated significant and important files - take good advice if in doubt.


This website contains links to websites shown below and are not hosted by the Cossack Owners Club. These links are provided in good faith and should you wish to use them you do so at your own risk as the Cossack Owners Club will not take responsibility for the content you may find contained within them.

NB: Please click the logos for links to each site.
F2 Logo.jpg
F2 Motorcycles Ltd

UK based Ural dealer in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Sales also include Jawa/Skyteam/Tomos/Honley & Euro Motors. Huge stock of new Ural and Dnepr spare parts. UK supplier of Ural and Dnepr upgrades.

Servicing for Triumph and Harley Davidson

T: 01945 410 165

Soviet Motorcycle Manuals

Service, Repair & Parts Catalogues for many makes. All manuals have been digitally cleaned and in A4 format with a protective front cover.

The manuals are not photocopies and in English Only.

Windmill Motorcycles

Based in the UK they are an eBay supplier for many parts

Windmill Motorcycles | eBay Stores

Old Tomer Garage.gif
Old Timer Garage

Polish based dealer, good for old Soviet models, bikes and parts.


Peter James.jpeg

At Peter James Insurance we believe in offering a truly personal service. When you call us, you will speak to experts who are as passionate as you.


We are the enthusiast's insurance broker and we're always here to help.

Talk to US...


Motorbikes come in all shapes and sizes and bikers come from all walks of life, but you’ve all got one thing in common: you need the right insurance.

Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, so it’s as much an essential as your bike helmet.

Motorcycle insurance can help if your bike's stolen, damaged or you’re involved in a traffic accident. We'll help you find the right cover for you, your motorbike and even all your bike gear.


We can help with importing or exporting vehicles (bikes and parts) to and from various countries

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