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SATRA UK Voskhod 1975


For sale because no man needs three Voskhods.  Slightly scruffy but up and running, legally road worthy and in use as daily transport. It's an entirely viable method of transport as opposed to a hardly running rolling ebay auto jumble identifiable only by some doubtful Latvian paperwork.  To be honest the difference between the price of the Baltic option and the price I'd like is hardly more than a week's domestic shopping or a youth's hot night out!  

My Price £800

Email me: Paul Codling


IZH 350 Cossack Springbok 2001


Enduro 350cc:


Mileage: 5600


Believed to be the only one that was road registered for use in the UK! - Refer to the Cossack Motor Cycles website.


£2000 O.N.O.


Please call Garry on 02392 502 200 


Location: Gosport, Hampshire


1976 Cossack (IZH) Jupiter 3 with sidecar 350cc


With V5 (first registered in 1983) and long MOT, this bike has been dry stored most of its life and is pretty much original.  I have owned and ridden it since 1994 - it has 15300km on the clock, has been regularly serviced and has a new sidecar tyre and 6V Cyclon battery.  The wheel rims are bit rusty and the seat cover has some minor damage, but the outfit is ready to use. I am selling it because I need the space. Bike is located in Newmarket, Suffolk

£1250 ono


Mark Christie


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