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Stafford Show 2023
April 22nd & 23rd - October 14th & 15th

This is important!  Organised by the irrepressible Comrade Carl, we have the very special 50th anniversary COC stand at Stafford over the weekend of April 22/23rd.  For this he's negotiated a massive 75' length of the balcony under the clock in the main hall.  He will need a mighty commitment from the membership to fill this with as many exotic and fascinating Soviet and post Soviet motorcycles as he can get. He calls this a once in a lifetime opportunity, because most of us will be around 130 years old for the next,100th anniversary bash.  If you only ever display your Soviet at one Stafford Show, this is the one to choose.

That many motorcycles means that many motorcyclists, who'll get two tickets each, yes, you get in the show free as a contributor, with a friend. The party round the Fumigator back at Camp Cossack in the evenings is a hotbed of lively drunken debate on a universe of subjects, some which are interesting. You want lurid tales of past adversity and recklessness, Carl's vast and eclectic mix of music and his profound knowledge of nerd culture from our distant youth?  It only happens at Stafford.

You can bring your bike in a van, ride it there or push it. Projects are good, let's stun the classic mainstream with our special perception of value.


Camping is free and the facilities on the campsite are adequate.  B&B is available in and around Stafford, about 2 miles away.

Would you like to be there in the midst of history?  Contact Carl, details on page 4 of HV and offer yourself to adventure!

Stafford Showground 1.jpg
Stafford Showground 2.jpg
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