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500cc/600cc & Water-cooled Urals


Avtoexport Dneipr & Ish Bikes & Factory

Avtoexport History

Cossack Trade-named Bikes

Vostok & Rotary

Ish Planeta Sport

Ishevsk Models

Jupiter & Planeta Models

Jupiter 2 Russian Advert

KMZ Dneipr Bikes & Factory

Last Ural 3 & 4 Wheelers

M72 Drawings

M72 Origins - Molotov/Ribbentrop

Soviet Military Machines

Minsk Historical

Modern Urals

Neval, Regent, Britaine Clan Tradenamed Models

Old Soviet Bike Photos

Old Soviet Bikes

Parsons World Trips

PMZ 750

R71 & M72 Manuals

Some M72 Restorations

Soviet Bike Range 1999

Soviet Motorcycle Sport

Specification Sheets for KMZ & Ural

Tula - Off Roader

Tula - Scooter

Ural 1985

Ural Factory

Credits & Acknowledgements

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