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Got something to sell? Why not advertise it here. This advert page is specifically for motorcycle parts and any other items you want to sell that would benefit CoC members such as tools, camping equipment, etc.. As with other adverts, these are free to club members, but please read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ on the Adverts page.

New old stock Voskhod cranks still in grease paper wrapping. £25.

Two new Voskhod barrels with pistons. One has bottom fin cut off. No rings or gudgion pin. £20 and £25.

New old stock Dnepr mudguard s. £30 each.

New Voskhod chrome exhaust pipe to barrel rings. £5 pair.

All plus post or collection.

Tony Jones   

07504 700522



This is an offer for COC members only, all stock is new or new old stock, and is stock that was left in my house when I left Crimea. It is being sold at cost or less in most cases and these prices can never be repeated.

If members email with a request I will reply within the hour if it is still available or not, and an invoice will be raised. If members prefer to do a bank transfer and save me a bit of commission please email me for details

All parts are in Crimea and will be posted within 24hrs of payment, they need to be cleared via Moscow and onto Heathrow customs, usually 4 weeks or so, but Christmas post might delay that a little.

All orders will have a tracking number.


To order parts from these lists you must provide a Cossack Owners Club Membership number or orders will not be taken.


List 1

List 2

Part 1 sale .pdf Part 2 sale .pdf